Stuffed Chocolate Dates

(Makes 12 dates)

12 medjool dates
12 brazil nuts (or alternative large nut of your choice)
¾ cups of raw cacao power
½ cup melted coconut oil
1 large tbl spoon Honey / Vegan alternative
Pinch of salt

Carefully pinch out the stone in the medjool dates from either the top or the bottom of the fruit, using the exit hole then gently push in your nut. The best thing about medjool dates is that they are quite sticky so you can squidge them back into shape quite easily!

Leave the dates to set aside, make the chocolate by adding the cacao power to the coconut oil and stir through thoroughly. Add in the honey and a pinch of salt and stir through again.

Carefully drop in a date and cover completely with chocolate (use a spoon to get it completely covered). Then scoop out and set aside on a plate or cooking rack. One you have covered all of your dates, put in the fridge and leave to set for an hour.

Remove from the fridge after an hour and carefully remove them from the plate or rack – you may need a sharp knife! Store in the fridge in an air tight container for up to a week, but we can guarantee they will not last that long! They are too good to be true!


Boom and Bird x

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