My 2nd Trimester

So, the reality and excitement has set in and I am ready to tell the world and embrace this next trimester which everyone tells me is the best out of the three!

Along with all the excitement, well wishes, tears of happiness and generosity from loved ones is the tsunami of information you are about to receive!

Have you looked at prams? These bottles have the best teats! What steriliser are you getting? The sleepyhead is a must! Will you do demand or routine? What is your birthing plan? Have you booked in your NCT classes? Dah!

My one bit of advise is to literally take all this information overload on the chin, as I definately found it all a little overwhelming at first. I wasn’t ready to do my research and read any books until about 23-25 weeks, and all parents seem to be willing to share their tips and tricks whenever you ask them anything so don’t feel like you need to know it all right away!

I had so much on my plate throughout my pregnancy with home renovations which coincided with the due date and I didn’t want to overload myself – I saw it as climbing a mountain and I just had to take it step by step. Dig in and divulge in all the information when YOU feel ready. There is so much to learn and it is a continuous journey. I am sure I will continue to learn from here on out every day! And it is fun at times taking in this whole new world you feel like you have just stepped in to, I mean we did have a good giggle googling videos of babies ‘latching on’ for instance!

Oh, and just nod your head and smile politely when you feel like people are talking absolute nonsense – not all parents are the same and someone’s style may be totally different from yours! The best bit of advise someone told me was, ‘the best way, is your way’. Never compare yourself or judge other people for doing it differently!

For me, by far the best thing about the second trimester was feeling our baby move for the first time. At around 18/19 weeks it felt like butterflies in my belly at first and it was like they were flying from side to side. I had to really concentrate to feel it, then as I had my hands on my belly mesmerised on what was going on one evening I felt the first kick/punch! It literally took my breathe away and I gasped! It was a few days after when I had my husband rest his hand on my belly and he felt it himself, it was a real ‘wow’ moment! Hello in there little one!

They say you should start talking to your baby so it recognises your voice. I gave it a go once but I really didn’t know what to say, ‘hello, how are you?’ Nope..not for me…I will talk to him when he is here 🙂 I do say ‘good morning’ sometimes and also he must hear me singing to Drake regularly! Lucky thing! 😉

Finally, my hormones were balancing out, the sickness and tiredness had subsided somewhat and my appetite for food other than carbs came back! Woohoo! Although, my arse was also expanding along with my belly as my hips widened and my body stored all the fat I was putting in my gob! I learnt this happens as your body gets ready for childbirth and breastfeeding, fortunately I can eat fat on demand.. Dear body..let it go…please.! My cellulite is getting worse by the day I swear!
I was finally starting to look pregnant – and it was time to embrace the bump!

In my opinion the clothes out there on the market for pregnant women are absolutely horrendous! Finding something half decent and not frumpy is a hard job. My go to outfits are;

Zara extra Large wherever possible or high street loose dresses one size bigger – as I got larger towards the beginning of the 3rd trimester I had to let this one go unfortunately!

Maternity skinny jeans and loose fitting tops and shirts / jackets

Active Wear (leggings and baggy jumpers / tops) with trainers

A few maternity dresses (I got a mine off asos) for the odd occasion where you need one.

Anything more than this I felt was overcomplicating the situation and it would become stressful. Keep it simple is my advise!

A bonus is that my sex drive also came back as my energy levels returned! I definitely feel a little less confident but hey ho – needs must!! 😉 I look like a totally different woman – bigger darker nips, curvier, you just got to love your lady lumps! You are growing a human and it is the most important job you will ever have and worrying about my body and controlling it was becoming less of an importance to me. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to getting a smoking hot Mum Bod once I am ready but for now I am embracing it 🙂

Roll on the 3rd and last trimester!

Boom x

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