About Us

Boom and Bird

Established in 2014, we are two sisters, Hayley and Sydney, who are fortunate enough to also be best friends. We created this site to inspire others into leading a more healthy, sustainable and positive lifestyle (after we learnt the hard way!).

Hayley: The ‘Boom’ in Boom and Bird – also known as ‘Boomer,’ as growing up she was so loud!

  • Hayley is the older sister by 18 months, the middle child of the family – she 100% has middle child syndrome.
  • She is still loud and will not go unheard, a common side effect of middle child syndrome as mentioned before!
  • She is Birds biggest inspiration – ‘I look up to her for most things in life but her dedication and energy has and, always will be, the biggest inspiration to me. She started me on my fitness journey and I can never thank her enough for that.’

Sydney: The ‘Bird’ in Boom and Bird – also known as ‘Birdie’ as she is the baby of the family and in everyone’s opinion the cutest.

  • Our little baby girl, the one everyone defends and protects – no one ever gets angry with Syd!
  • She is a creative genius in the kitchen, has a steady hand and the patience of a Saint.
  • ‘Sydney to me is my guardian angel, she is the most supportive, understanding and non judgemental person I know. I am my true self around her at all times’.

Where it all started…

From a young age, we were fortunate to always be conscious of health and well being (calories in – calories out) however, that didn’t mean we weren’t subject to standard consumer mistakes for having a diet full of sugar. We were both very active as children loving sports, walking to and from school and even as late teenagers working as waitress’ so luckily managed to burn most of the sugar off.

It was only until later, in our early 20’s when we had both started employment sitting at a desk all day, this diet finally took its toll. Not only had we had a rapid decline in basic activity, we over indulged in the ‘work hard, play hard’ lifestyle where we would binge drink and eat all weekend (and our weekends would typically start on a Thursday night) to reward ourselves for the ‘good’ we had put in during the week. We suddenly hit our mid – late twenties and recognised what the side effects of living in this way was doing to our bodies; lethargic, bloated, we gained weight, our digestive system was shot to bits and our metabolism was non existent! It was time for a change…

We took a close look at our diets in a totally different way, listening to our bodies and understanding what we needed nutritionally. Making sure we ate good fats, protein, knowing when to eat carbohydrates, acknowledging that you can never out train a bad diet, staying well hydrated and we learnt to enjoy making our own meals and snacks….. oh yes we love a snack!

It’s worth noting, we are still not perfect – but who the hell is?! Life wouldn’t be worth living without getting loose every now and again in our opinion, but overall we are more balanced, happier, energised, healthier and have a wider understanding of where you can commonly go wrong. We can identify how to correct our bad habits without letting things spiral out of control. We can easily see through the standard advertising ploys that are literally everywhere you look, and to make formative and conscious decisions for ourselves and our families.

We first created Boom and Bird as something to do as sisters together initially, then we had a lot of our friends ask for the recipes for delicious snacks we would share and we thought – ‘why not share it all!?’ So here it is, all we want to do is inspire and practise our ‘health is wealth’ philosophy, write about what we believes works for us, sharing our health tips and adding recently Hayley’s honest pre and post natal journey! And if we manage to inspire or help you along the way, well that is just a bonus.

Love Boom and Bird x